Camp Charcuterie

A 3-day workshop including a 12 hour Integrated Introduction to HACCP


Camp Charcuterie is our most popular workshop.  This 3-day whole carcass butchery and charcuterie workshop integrates business, food safety, hands-on butchery, and added value production of charcuterie for industry professionals- farmers, butchers, chefs, teachers. The Team teachers deliver 23 hours of instruction including demonstration and hands-on experience backed up with written theory.

  • Food entrepreneurship and your place in scale small production

    • Leadership- we enable and develop your leadership skills to guide your business to success

    • Technical aptitude-  we help guide you delivering the balance of knowledge and technique you need to succeed.

    • Systems- our holistic approach to charcuterie allows you to understand how your processes and procedures drive your business forward.  From carefully written recipes to HACCP templates, we help you understand your systems needs.

    • Product attributes- we help you understand how meat and ingredient choices affect quality

  • Hands-on Butchery for Charcuterie

    • Whole carcass butchery supports a high-yield added value production for your farm, shop or restaurant. We work with you to learn both the approach and the techniques to breakdown large-180-200 kg- 12 month old hogs as Dominique Chapolard practices on his farm every week.

    • Participant teams work on half a hog, following the butchery demo step by step.

    • Whole carcass to primals to sub-primals with charcuterie production in mind creates very little true waste. Trim, fat, skin, and bones are accounted for total cost factors.

  • Production of over 13 French Charcuterie products

    • We chosen a ‘butcher’s dozen’ of classic French farmstead charcuterie products as The Chapolards make on their farm and sell at weekly markets.

    • From fresh raw Saucisse de Toulouse to terrines of Pate de Campagne to smoky small boneless Noix de Jambons, we chose 4 categories of traditional French to implement within a cost effective 6-week time frame.

  • Integrated Food Safety planning begins the minute you start planning.

    • Our approach to Food Safety is as important as selecting the best pork to make your products.

    • We incorporate basic information throughout the workshop, anchoring your Food Safety story to your production from the very beginning.

  • An Introduction to HACCP- what is it and why do I need it?

    • From understanding what Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points is to defining the 5 pre-steps of a HACCP plan, we walk you through the terminology and approach to establishing a Food Safety plan.

    • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a written food safety system that uses a preventative approach that controls for biological, physical, and chemical hazards in food production.

    • From SOPS (standard operating procedures) to Process Flow Diagrams, we introduce you to the material you need to establish your own Food Safety programs.

Camp Charcuterie is a 23-hour workshop delivered over three days including: expert demonstration, hands-on participation, and written documentation for all material taught. Follow up consulting and private work is also available.

For information about attending or sponsoring a Camp Charcuterie Workshop please Contact Us.