We Teach New World Food Safety and Old World Traditions & Tastes.

Camp Charcuterie: workshops

Camp Charcuterie Workshops are advanced demonstration and hands-on whole carcass butchery and charcuterie workshops that integrate business, food safety, hands-on butchery, and added value production of charcuterie:

  • Hands-on Whole Carcass Butchery for Charcuterie

  • Production of 8 French Charcuterie products including saucisse de Toulouse, noix de jambon, paté, filet sec.
  • Integrated Food Safety planning

Camp Charcuterie:

The foundation of our program is a 5-day Course in France is delivered at Camont including a complete whole carcass breakdown, cost analysis, production of raw, cooked and whole muscle charcuterie. An advanced course in fermented and cured products including saucisson and saucisse seche will be offered in following the basics course. All instruction includes an overview and introduction to food safety & international HACCP standards. 

  • Entrepreneurship in the Food Business

  • Hands-on Butchery for Charcuterie

  • Production of 13 different French Charcuterie products including saucisse de Toulouse, jambon de bayonne, noix de jambon, paté, rillettes, filet sec, etc.
  • Integrated Food Safety planning

  • An Introduction to HACCP

Private Consulting

Custom consulting and workshops for private groups

Under the Camp Charcuterie umbrella, both expert teachers, professionals and consultants are available for private workshops, one-to-one conversations, and consulting.

Camp Charcuterie clients include butcher shops, restaurants, farms, small production companies, and schools looking to create, legitimize or add value to their existing products. With valuable resources on our team, we offer specialized services and guidance to growing businesses.

Charcuterie is a French Word


and means a pork-butcher's shop, from Middle French chaircuiterie and chaircutier pork butcher, from chair cuite or cooked meat

Charcuterie is also the word we use for a wide variety of deli meats and mostly pork products where meat is preserved by salting, smoking, drying or cooking. Like other European products, our French farmstead goods are based on generations of traditional recipes as simple as good meat, salt and time. We teach the tastes that speak of these Old World farms and kitchens where Kate and Dominique live and work; we teach how to make safe and legal delicious sausages, hams, patés, saucissons, and many other products under current HACCP regulations and management. The integration of food safety from the onset of your business idea and product development is a critical point in success for the food entrepreneur. Learn with us!



The Meat:

The butchery and charcuterie workshops incorporate a balance of:

  • Hands-on butchery for charcuterie
  • Charcuterie production of classic French products
  • Entrepreneurship in the food business
  • Integrated current food safety planning
  • An introduction to HACCP for meat and poultry producers 

The Bones:

Camp Charcuterie is built on a structure created for industry professionals-farmers, wholesale and retail producers, and restaurant chefs.

  • Whole-carcass pig butchery with a high yield, no waste focus.

  • Added value (charcuterie) meat production based on an efficient timeline for small production

  • Food entrepreneurship and business consultation. Dozens of our students have opened their own successful businesses and you benefit from this network of Camp Charcuterie Alumni.

  • Integrated food safety principles
  • Depth of professional knowledge coupled with the concentration of precise material needed to form and run successful businesses

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