The Meat:

The 3 and 4 day butchery and charcuterie workshops incorporate a balance of:

  • Hands-on butchery for charcuterie
  • Charcuterie production of classic French products
  • Entrepreneurship in the food business
  • Integrated current food safety planning
  • An introduction to HACCP for meat and poultry producers 

The Bones:

Camp Charcuterie is built on a structure created for industry professionals-farmers, wholesale and retail producers, and restaurant chefs.

  • Whole-carcass pig butchery with a high yield focus

  • Added value (charcuterie) meat production based on an efficient timeline for small production
  • Food entrepreneurship and business consultation
  • Food safety principles
  • Depth of professional knowledge coupled with the concentration of precise material needed to form and run successful businesses