We Teach New World Food Safety and Old World Traditions & Tastes.

Camp Charcuterie

A 3-day workshop including Introduction to Food Safety & HACCP

Camp Charcuterie is an advanced hands-on 3-day whole carcass butchery and charcuterie workshop that integrates business, food safety, hands-on butchery, and added value production of charcuterie:

  • Entrepreneurship in the Food Business

  • Hands-on Butchery for Charcuterie

  • Production of 8 French Charcuterie products including saucisse de Toulouse, noix de jambon, paté, rillettes, filet sec

  • Integrated Food Safety planning

  • An Introduction to HACCP

Camp Charcuterie PLUS

A 5-day Short Course (equal to our French Course delivered at Camont) including a complete whole carcass breakdown including cost analysis and introduction to Food Safety & HACCP  

Camp Charcuterie PLUS is a 5-day whole carcass butchery and charcuterie short course that incorporates all of the 3-day workshop values PLUS:

  • 12 additional hours of hands-on instruction that includes fresh and charcuterie butchery

  •  13 different added value products including jambon de Bayonne, saucissons, boudin blanc, 


Private Consulting

Custom consulting and workshops for private groups

Under the Camp Charcuterie umbrella, both expert teachers, professionals and consultants are available for private workshops, one-to-one conversations, and consulting.

Camp Charcuterie clients include butcher shops, restaurants, farms, small production companies, and schools looking to create, legitimize or add value to their existing products. With valuable resources on our team, we offer specialized services and guidance to growing businesses.