Charcuterie is a French Word


and means a pork-butcher's shop, from Middle French chaircuiterie and chaircutier pork butcher, from chair cuite or cooked meat

Charcuterie is also the word we use for a wide variety of deli meats and mostly pork products where meat is preserved by salting, smoking, drying or cooking. Like other European products, our French farmstead goods are based on generations of traditional recipes as simple as good meat, salt and time. We teach the tastes that speak of these Old World farms and kitchens where Kate and Dominique live and work; we teach how to make safe and legal delicious sausages, hams, patés, saucissons, and many other products under current HACCP regulations and management. The integration of food safety from the onset of your business idea and product development is a critical point in success for the food entrepreneur. Learn with us!