"New World techniques and safety cradled by the traditions and stories of the Old."

The Team

Dominique Chapolard  of Ferme Baradieu


Dominique is a French farmer, butcher, and charcutier who runs a farm-to-retail business with his wife Christiane and three brothers on their 100-acre family farm, Ferme Baradieu in South West France. For three generations, the Chapolard Family has bred and reared their own pigs, grown all the grain needed to feed them, butchered  and transformed the meat on-site, into traditional charcuterie to be sold directly to loyal customers at local farmers markets. We call this process “seed-to-sausage”.

Dominique embodies the traditions of his craft and culture, his commitment to rural economics, and an innate love of teaching. As a former headmaster of a regional agricultural school, Dominique teaches the French method of butchery alongside Kate Hill for the Kitchen at Camont in France and in workshops across the globe.


Kate Hill of Kitchen-at-Camont

Kate Hill is a teacher, coach, cook, mentor, and author with more than 40 years of experience in the food industry. When she isn’t traveling the world giving workshops or collaborating with other heads in her field, she leads charcuterie programs and courses at her home and school in France, the Kitchen at Camont.

Kate founded Camp Charcuterie and is also the CEO/founder of Grrls Meat Camp, an international organization whose education events inspire, instruct, and initiate a sisterhood of farmers, butchers, cooks, and teachers giving voice to women working with food animals and meat. Kate’s work has placed her at the forefront of the Whole Carcass butchering movement and only further strengthens her reach as a teacher and communicator on a global scale.