Led by a expert team of trained professionals, Camp Charcuterie and Camp Charcuterie PLUS are workshops that guide participants through added value meat production, whole-carcass pig butchery, up-to-date HACCP requirements, and business consultation.

Camp Charcuterie is a specialized, whole carcass butchery and charcuterie  3 day workshop (23 hours of instruction) taught by international experts and tailored to assisting industry professionals to implement elegant and sustainable meat programs in their restaurants, farms, and businesses. During the intensive 3-day short course, we connect the dots between the rising trend in craft charcuterie and whole animal utilization while meeting, understanding, and adhering to contemporary food safety requirements using HACCP requirements.

Camp Charcuterie Plus is a 4 day workshop that also includes additional study and delivery of an internationally recognized Meat and Poultry HACCP certification by Dirigo Food Safety of Portland, Maine. Specially developed by a team of four American and European experts, Camp Charcuterie introduces New World techniques and safety cradled by the traditions and taste of the Old World.

The Meat
The 3 and 4 day butchery and charcuterie workshops incorporate a balance of:

  • Hands-on butchery for charcuterie
  • Charcuterie production of over 13 classic French products
  • Entrepreneurship in the food business
  • Integrated current food safety planning
  • An introduction to HACCP for meat and poultry producers

The Bones:
Camp Charcuterie is built on a structure created for industry professionals-farmers, wholesale and retail producers, and restaurant chefs.

  • Whole-carcass pig butchery with a high yield focus
  • Added value (charcuterie) meat production based on an efficient timeline for small production
  • Food entrepreneurship and business consultation
  • Food safety principles
  • Depth of professional knowledge coupled with the concentration of precise material needed to form and run successful businesses