Camp Charcuterie is a specialized, whole carcass butchery and charcuterie workshop taught by international experts and tailored to assisting industry professionals to implement elegant and sustainable meat programs in their restaurants, farms, and businesses.

During the intensive 3 or 4 day short courses, we help you connect the dots between the rising trend in craft charcuterie and whole animal utilization while meeting, understanding, and adhering to contemporary food safety requirements using HACCP requirements. Developed by a team of four international experts, Camp Charcuterie introduces New World techniques and safety cradled by the traditions and taste of the Old World.

The Camp Charcuterie Team includes:

Dominique Chapolard of Ferme Baradieu, a working French farmer, butcher and charcutier who teaches a careful, waste-free breakdown of the whole carcass-muscle, skin, and bone.

Kate Hill of the Kitchen-at-Camont guides participants in turning that entire carcass into classic charcuterie such as saucisse de toulouse, noix de jambon, saucisson, patés, rillettes, and more.

Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel of Dirigo Food Safety introduces the pre-steps of HACCP planning (Camp Charcuterie) OR issues HACCP certifications (Camp Charcuterie PLUS) all within the modern guidelines of meat and poultry food safety as well as the current HACCP standards for dry curing.

Nathan Gilmour of Dirigo Food Safety introduces proven business strategies that support successful charcuterie programs in restaurants and food businesses.

As experts in their field, the team aims to bridge the gap between the rising trend in craft charcuterie and whole animal utilization struggling with the disconnect of meeting and understanding food safety standards. The depth of knowledge presented by each team member coupled by the concentration of exact material needed to form successful businesses makes these workshops unrivaled.