Camp Charcuterie: France

A One Week Foundation Course

Camp Charcuterie: France is one of a kind butchery & charcuterie course exactly delivered in France.  If you are looking to learn in a fully integrated  and immersive way,  the 5-day course at Camont integrates over 35 hours of hands-on butchery, added value production of French charcuterie, business support, and food safety. Learn Old World flavors and quality as practiced in the French Countryside-from pig production to serving charcuterie at the table. 

  • Hands-on Butchery for Charcuterie

    • Whole carcass butchery supports a high-yield added value production for your farm, shop or restaurant. We work with you to learn both the approach and the techniques to breakdown large-180-200 kg- 12 month old hogs as Dominique Chapolard practices on his farm every week.

    • Participant teams work on half a hog, following the butchery demo step by step.

    • Whole carcass to primals to sub-primals with charcuterie production in mind creates very little true waste. Trim, fat, skin, and bones are accounted for total cost factors.

  • Production of over 13 French Charcuterie products

    • We chosen a ‘butcher’s dozen’ of classic French farmstead charcuterie products as The Chapolards make on their farm and sell at weekly markets.

    • From fresh raw Saucisse de Toulouse to terrines of Pate de Campagne to smoky small boneless Noix de Jambons, we chose 4 categories of traditional French to implement within a cost effective 6-week time frame.

  • Integrated Food Safety planning begins the minute you start planning.

    • Our approach to Food Safety is as important as selecting the best pork to make your products.

    • We incorporate basic information throughout the workshop, anchoring your Food Safety story to your production from the very beginning.

  • An Introduction to HACCP- what is it and why do I need it?

    • From understanding what Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points is to defining the 12 steps of a HACCP plan, we walk you through the terminology and approach to establishing a Food Safety plan.

      • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a written food safety system that uses a preventative approach that controls for biological, physical, and chemical hazards in food production.

      • From SOPS (standard operating procedures) to Process Flow Diagrams, we introduce you to the foundation material you need to establish your own Food Safety programs.

2018 Dates: February 4-10 ; November 4-10

Arrive Sunday night for a welcome dinner; 35 hours instruction Monday- Friday, depart Saturday afternoon. All tuition, material costs, workbook, lunches, welcome dinner, and local transport provided. 6 nights accommodation in a private room is included and is arranged at a nearby hotel; pick up service from hotel to Camont is included.

2018 Rates: 3950€

An advanced course in saucisson and other fermented dried products will be offered November 12-16. Both courses may be taken. Details available Dec 1 2017.

For more information and an detailed course outline Contact Us.